If you are a bona fide traveller (excluding holders of work permits, employment passes, student passes, dependent passes or long-term passes), you will be given GST relief on new articles, souvenirs, gifts and food preparations that you bring into Singapore which are for your personal use. The relief does not apply to intoxicating liquor and tobacco, as well as goods imported for commercial purposes.

Where the value of the goods exceeds the GST relief limit, the excess is subject to GST. For more information on the procedures to make payment, please visit Singapore Customs' website on Goods and Services Tax Relief or contact Singapore Customs on (+65) 6355 2000.

GST relief limits for travellers arriving in Singapore

The GST relief limit depends on the number of hours you have spent outside Singapore:

Time spent outside SingaporeValue of goods granted GST relief*
48 hours and aboveS$500
Less than 48 hoursS$100

*GST is applicable on the value of goods in excess of the respective relief limits.