Mission and vision

Our mission

Act as an agent of the Government and provide service in the administration of taxes and enterprise disbursements.

Advise the Government, and represent Singapore internationally, on matters relating to taxation.

Our vision

The leading revenue authority in the world.

A partner of the community in nation-building and inclusive growth.

A dynamic team of competent and committed people.

Corporate goals and core values

Our corporate goals are to:

  • Foster an economic environment that supports inclusive growth
  • Provide excellent service
  • Maximise voluntary compliance
  • Enhance organisational and staff productivity and agility
  • Achieve a high level of staff competence, ownership and satisfaction

We are guided by these core values:


Treat everyone in the same circumstances equally.


Do what is right without fear or favour in all circumstances.


Serve our nation responsively, with competence, pride, commitment and empathy.


Work with one another with mutual trust and respect to achieve Whole-of-IRAS and Whole-of-Government outcomes.


Continuously seek new ways to do our work better.


iras logo

An early-day coin, energised by a subtle "S" curve across it, suggests the equivalence of taxes and money matters.

The circular coin with a central square reflects integrity and reason embodied in the tax collection role of IRAS. The sloping "S" curve signifies IRAS' transformation into a service-oriented, professional and efficient statutory authority.

The symbol has our corporate colours of grey and blue to project IRAS as a firm but fair tax administration.

In union, the symbol and colour embody our corporate values and it is a rallying sign for us. It inspires and imbues us with pride in the organisation.