Quality Policy

IRAS Quality Policy is also IRAS service motto - Excellent Service Always!

Our Quality Policy guides us in our ongoing service excellence journey to achieve a strong service culture in IRAS where everyone of us adopts a service-oriented mindset when performing his or her duties.

Excellent Service Always

Service Pledge

As your partner in nation building, we are committed to helping you fulfil your tax obligations and receive relevant business grants administered by us. We will:

  • Apply the relevant laws fairly.
  • Be Proactive, Prompt, Polite,
    Competent, Clear and Consistent
    when handling your matters.
  • Provide easy-to-use, convenient and reliable self-help digital services that meet your needs.
  • Serve you with empathy.

To help us deliver excellent service, we seek your cooperation to file and pay your taxes on time, give us accurate and complete information and respect our staff.

Your feedback is important to us. We will use your feedback to identify and affirm areas where we can serve you better.

Service Standards

We will respond to you based on the following service standards and continually work on improving our services.

  • Answer 80% of calls within 2 minutes
  • Reply to 80% of emails within 5 working days
  • Reply to 80% of letters within 15 working days
  • Attend to 80% of appointments within 15 minutes of the appointment time*
  • Process 100% of refunds within 30 days
*Please be punctual and keep to your appointment time. Otherwise, we may take longer to attend to you.

Interest on overdue refunds

In addition to providing e-Services to help you save time and effort, IRAS has a service standard of paying refunds from income tax and property tax payment within 30 days. If we are unable to meet this 30-day service standard, we will pay you interest. The 30-day period is calculated from the day the credit balance arises. For refunds below $15, we will be crediting it directly into your account to offset taxes of future years.

Learning Opportunities

IRAS is committed to treating any complaints seriously and dealing with them in a timely, professional and cordial manner. We treat each complaint as a learning opportunity for IRAS as it will help us identify areas for improvement.

How taxpayers can lodge a complaint

A complaint can be lodged if you:

  • are dissatisfied with our services; and
  • require a response from us

To lodge a complaint, please email us.

For feedback which do not require any response, please use our online feedback forms.

How IRAS handles and resolves complaints

For complaints received via our email service or QSM helpline, we will work towards resolving the complaints within 5 working days. Our officer will work with you to resolve your complaint. We will update you on the progress if we require more time to look into the matter.