New Company Start-Up Kit


The New Company Start-Up Kit is an interactive e-learning guide to help Newly Incorporated Companies* better understand their corporate tax obligations. It will provide you with the information you need for the tax filing process - from incorporation to the filing of the first Corporate Tax Return. It includes:

  • A tailored tax filing timeline;
  • Useful “Next Steps” based on response to key questions; and
  • Email reminders that are sent 1 month prior to the company’s first Corporate Tax Return filing due dates (i.e. Estimated Chargeable Income and Form C-S/ C).

* Newly Incorporated Companies refer to those that have yet to file their first Corporate Tax Return (Form C-S/ C).

Starting from Feb 2018, IRAS has reached out to a selected group of Newly Incorporated Companies (NICs) to invite them to try the Start-Up Kit. New!In Oct 2018, the Start-Up Kit has been enhanced to include:

  • ACRA’s information on filing of Annual Return (AR) and holding of Annual General Meeting (AGM); and
  • Website links to Enterprise Singapore’s (ESG) website for more information on industry insights, updates on grants and services to enhance business efficiency.

 As this is a self-help kit, any information provided will not be updated in IRAS’ or ACRA's records.

  1. Is it compulsory for me to access the New Company Start-Up Kit?

    No, it is not compulsory for you to access the Start-Up Kit. However, we strongly encourage NICs to use it to learn about their filing obligations with IRAS and ACRA.
  2. Can more than 1 director or staff of my company access the New Company Start-Up Kit?

    Yes, more than 1 director or staff of the company may access the Start-Up Kit. As it tailors the information provided based on responses given, differences in replies (e.g. financial year-end) may provide you with a different filing timeline with IRAS and ACRA and “Next Steps” section. 

    If your company has yet to file its first Corporate Tax Return (Form C-S/ C), you can access the Start-Up Kit
  3. Will information provided in the New Company Start-Up Kit be updated in IRAS' or ACRA's records?

    As this is a self-help kit, any information provided will not be updated in IRAS’ or ACRA's records. For corporate tax matters, companies will need to access myTax portal to update their particulars and to e-File tax returns.

    For example, if a company would like to update the financial year-end in IRAS’ records, it can log in to myTax portal and update via the "Update Corporate Profile/ Contact Details" e-Service. To do so, the company must first authorise a director, staff or tax agent as an "Approver" in CorpPass. For assistance on CorpPass setup, please refer to Step-by-Step Guides.
  4. Will I be able to retrieve information I have provided in the New Company Start-Up Kit at an earlier date? How can I update information previously provided in the New Company Start-Up Kit?

    No, you will not be able to access information provided in the Start-Up Kit after you end your session. 

    The Start-Up Kit will provide a tailored filing timeline with IRAS and ACRA and “Next Steps” section based on your response to key questions. If you wish to change your responses within the same session, you can do so by clicking the “Edit” button in the summary page. The filing timeline, and “Next Steps” section will be updated based on your modified responses. You can select “Print” for desktop users or “Save Screen” for mobile users to save the timeline and “Next Steps” section.

    However, if you would like to change your responses after exiting the session, you will need to re-access the Start-Up Kit and start from the beginning. You will not be able to retrieve the responses provided once you have ended your session.

  5. What can I expect after accessing the Start-Up Kit?

    If you have provided your email address for email filing reminders, an email will be sent to you 1 month prior to your first Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) and first Form C-S/ C filing due dates with IRAS respectively.

    However, if your first ECI and/ or Form C-S/ C due date has passed or it is less than 1 month away from the respective filing due date, no email reminder will be sent. The Start-Up Kit will proceed to provide you with useful tips on the filing of ECI and/ or Form C-S/ C in the same session instead.
  6. I have encountered technical issues in accessing the New Company Start-Up Kit and I am unable to proceed further. What should I do?

    Please email with the following information (where applicable):
    1. Tax reference number
    2. Date of incorporation
    3. Email address provided in the Start-Up Kit (if it differs from the email you are writing in with)  
    4. Contact number
    5. Screenshot of technical error faced, including:
        -  Date and time the error occurred
        -  Error message  

    Please also let us know the point at which the error occurred, if possible. For example, an error message was prompted after clicking on the “Proceed” button, etc.
  7. If I have used the New Company Start-Up Kit for more than 1 company, how do I identify which company the email reminders are sent for?

    Through accessing the Start-Up Kit via the hyperlink in the email reminder, you will be able to identify the company through the date of incorporation and financial year end previously provided.
  8. I have feedback/ suggestions to provide to the New Company Start-Up Kit. How may I do so?

    At the end of the Start-Up Kit, you may select “Rate this e-Service” to provide your feedback.



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