Group Relief

Group relief (GR) enables companies to deduct unutilised capital allowances/ trade losses/ donations of one company from the assessable income of another company in the same group.

Group Relief System

GR is a system which treats companies in the same group as if they are one single company. Under the GR system, the following items (referred to as "loss items") of one company can be deducted from the assessable income of the other company of the same group:

  • Current year unutilised capital allowances
  • Current year unutilised trade losses
  • Current year unutilised donations

Transfer of Loss Items

The company which transfers any of its loss items is called 'transferor'. The company which receives the loss items is called 'claimant'.

A transferor may transfer its loss items to a claimant to be deducted from the assessable income of the claimant. However, the transferor and claimant must be in the same group.

For details, please download and read Frequently Asked Questions and How to Complete the Group Relief Forms (PDF, 1.01MB).