Due Dates and Requests for Extension

You are required to e-File your GST returns and pay any tax due by the due dates. You must file a 'Nil' GST return even if there is no business activity during the accounting period.

Due Date for Filing and Payment

Both GST returns and payment are due one month after the end of the accounting period covered by the return . If you are on GIRO plan for GST payment, GIRO deductions are on the 15th day of the month after the payment due date. You may refer to your acknowledgement page for payment details after you have e-Filed.

 Without GIRO planWith GIRO plan for GST payment
GST Accounting PeriodFiling and Payment Due DateFiling Due DateGIRO Deduction Date

Jan - Mar

30 Apr

30 Apr

15 May

Apr - Jun

31 Jul

31 Jul

15 Aug

Jul - Sept

31 Oct

31 Oct

15 Nov

Oct - Dec

31 Jan

31 Jan

15 Feb

Due Dates for Special Accounting Periods

If you are under special GST accounting periods, the deadline to submit your returns is one month from the last  date of the special accounting period.

If the GST return is for the special accounting period from 5 Apr 2014 to 5 Jul 2014, the due date to submit your return is 5 Aug 2014.

Penalties for Late Filing and Late Payment

Penalties will be imposed if you are late in filing your GST return and making payment .

Receiving GST Refunds

GST Refunds are sent to your company via cheque or credited to your GIRO-linked bank account.

The refund will be made to you within a period equivalent to your prescribed accounting period, from the date the Comptroller receives your GST return.

If you are under a quarterly GST accounting cycle, the refund will be made to you within three months from the date the Comptroller receives your GST return.

This does not apply under certain circumstances such as when you have outstanding GST returns which are not submitted, or when your GST return is being reviewed by our auditor.

Requesting for Extensions

All GST-registered businesses need to put in place systems to track their transactions, and  plan their resources to submit their GST returns on time.

As one month after the end of your accounting period is a reasonable deadline, no extensions will be granted.

Exceptions will only be made for newly registered businesses and for circumstances that fall within the list of acceptable reasons below.

Extension for Newly-Registered Businesses

Generally, IRAS allows newly-registered businesses an extension of up to one month to file their first GST return.

Your request for an extension to file your first GST return must be made before the filing due date. E.g. a request for an extension to file the GST return for accounting period ended 31 March must be made before 30 April (i.e. filing due date).

You may email your request to gst@iras.gov.sg or call us on 1800 356 8633.

Requests made after the filing due date will be rejected.

Acceptable Reasons for Extension

No.Acceptable ReasonsExamples of Documents Required


Fire disaster

Police report; Insurance claim


Breakdown of computer system

IT servicing report


Purchase of new accounting software and/or IT system

Tax invoice


Key accounting personnel on long medical leave (more than 1 week) or hospitalization leave

Medical/ hospitalisation certificates

To enable us to consider your request for extension, you must write in before the filing due date with the reason and supporting documents . Generally, we will allow an extension of up to two weeks for valid cases with acceptable reasons. You may e-mail your request to gst@iras.gov.sg .

Unacceptable Reasons for Extension

No extension will be granted for the following reasons

No.Reasons Which Are Not Acceptable


Staff on maternity leave


Director or key accounts personnel is overseas


Staff has resigned without proper handover


Closing of accounts at year-end


New accounts personnel does not know how to handle GST matters


No computer


Not enough manpower to handle GST matters


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