Common GST Errors



Review your Past GST returns Now
Review and correct your GST returns within a year from the GST F5 filing deadline to avoid penalties
All input tax claimed must be supported by valid tax invoices addressed to you. 

Input tax on motor car, medical, insurance and private expenses such as personal mobile subscriptions are disallowed expenses and are not claimable.
Zero-rating of supply of goods is not allowed if the goods are delivered to local address or if you have insufficient documents to support the export.

Zero-rating of services is not allowed if the services directly benefit a local person or is directly in connection with goods or land in Singapore. Only International services qualify for zero-rating.
You have to account for GST on gifts exceeding $200 if you have claimed input tax on theses gifts.
You need to account for GST on assets. For example, sale of office furniture, equipment, machinery and commercial properties.
Use GST Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) to help you conduct a more complete review of your past GST returns.
Penalties are reduced if you File GST F7 voluntarily to correct your errors and pay the additional taxes.