How to log in to myTax Portal from 11 April 2021

From 11 Apr 2021, you will be required to log in to government digital services for businesses (G2B) using Singpass instead of Corppass. For more information, visit Corppass website.

Find out how to log in to myTax Portal:

Step 1: Authorise users for GST Filing

This step is required if your business is filing its GST return for the first time or when there is a change in the person(s) filing the GST returns. Otherwise, skip to Step 2. 

The person filing the GST return must be authorised for GST (Filing and Applications) e-Service under Corppass by your business. If a third party (e.g. tax agent) files GST returns for your business, the third party must be authorised in Corppass to act for your business. 

    Directors or partners who are filing the GST return for their own businesses can refer to this two-page instruction (449KB). 

      Sole-proprietors who are filing their own GST returns can refer to this two-page instruction (502KB). 

      For a step-by-step instruction on authorising users (Preparer or Approver role) for GST filing, please refer to the following guides (depending on the entity you are representing):

      For more details, please refer to the IRAS webpage on Corppass.

      Step 2: File Your GST Return on myTax Portal

      Once you are authorised for GST Filing, use your Singpass to log in to myTax Portal under "Business Tax Matters" to file your organisation's GST return.

      Please take note of the different roles when filing your GST return:

      Preparer Approver 
       Can retrieve the GST return after logging into myTax Portal.
       Can complete GST return and save it as a draft.Can complete GST return and save it as a draft, or review the GST return completed by the Preparer.

       Cannot submit the GST return to IRAS.

      “Pending Approval” message will be displayed on screen.

      Has to inform the ‘Approver’ that the draft is ready for review before submission to IRAS.
       Can submit the GST return to IRAS.


      Any user who is authorised to “access all e-Services” during the Corppass set-up process will assume the Approver role by default.

      If you need help with completing your GST return, please refer to the IRAS webpage on Completing GST Return.

      Please refer to this video for a step-by-step guide on how to file your GST return on myTax Portal:


      Step 3: Save a copy of the acknowledgement page and make payment

      Once you have successfully filed your GST return, you will see an acknowledgement page. The acknowledgement page contains a summary of the figures you submitted and instructions on how you can make payment if you have GST payable.

      Save a copy of the acknowledgement page and pay any outstanding GST by the due date.

      For details on the modes and due dates for payment, please refer to the following:

      If you are claiming GST refunds, you can expect to receive your refund within 30 days unless your return is under audit.

      Other e-Services

      Besides filing your GST return, other useful e-Services are also available on myTax Portal. Refer to IRAS webpage on GST e-Services for more information.