Working Overseas and Taxes

Essential information for individuals going overseas

Preparing to Go Overseas

Before you go overseas, you should:

  1. Pay any outstanding taxes and cancel your GIRO arrangement with us if you no longer need it.
  2. Update your overseas residential or mailing address.
  3. Email us the period when you will be away from Singapore.

Visit the Overseas Singaporean Portal for information, features and news from Singapore while you are overseas.

Taxability of Overseas Income Received in Singapore

  • If I am currently working/residing overseas and received income in Singapore in 2018, do I need to file a return?

    You are required to report all Singapore sourced income for 2018.

    If you have not received an Income Tax form, letter or SMS notifying you to file, please email us the details of your Singapore sourced income via myTax Mail (log in to myTax Portal at --> select myTax Mail).


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