Tax on Trustee

The statutory income of a trustee is subject to income tax at the following flat rate:

Year of Assessment (YA)Tax Rate
From YA 201017%

Tax on Resident Beneficiaries (Effective Year of Assessment 2008)

Beneficiaries entitled to a share of the trust income by virtue of the trust deed, the Will of the deceased or the Law of Intestacy will be:

  1. Assessed on their share of entitlement of income at their personal income tax rates; and
  2. Given the same tax exemptions and concessions as accorded to taxpayers who are resident individuals.

For more details, please refer to  Income Tax Treatment of Trusts (334KB).

Tax on Non-Resident Beneficiaries

Where there are non-resident beneficiaries of Singapore, the trustee is required to pay tax on their shares of entitlement at the prevailing trustee rate for that year of assessment. 

Estate income in 2018


Less amount assessed on resident beneficiaries (2/3 of $6,000)


Chargeable income


Tax on trustee: $2,000 at 17%


The resident beneficiaries will be assessed on their share of entitlement ($4,000*) at their personal tax rates in YA 2019. Those who receive less than their share of entitlement will still be assessed on the full share as they are legally entitled to the income.


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