Cheque/ Cashier's Order

You can pay with cheque/ cashier's order from any bank in Singapore. No receipt will be issued for this mode of payment.

Making Payment

For payment to be credited promptly into the correct tax account, please attach the lower portion of your Payment Slip to your cheque/ cashier's order. 

The Payment Slip is issued with your Tax Bill if you are not on the GIRO payment plan. 

If you do not have the Payment Slip, please quote the Tax/ Document Reference No. and Tax Type at the back of your cheque/ cashier's order.

Ensure that your cheque is crossed "Not Negotiable" and "Account Payee Only".

Payees and Required Details


Tax Type/ FeePayeeDetails to be written on the reverse side of cheque/ cashier's order
Individual/ Corporate Income Tax, Trust; Charities, S45 Withholding Tax, Tax Clearance, Composition or Summons FeeComptroller of Income TaxPayment Slip No. (if any), Tax Reference No., Tax Type/ Fee, Name of taxpayer and contact number. For Withholding Tax, please state the name of local payer.
Goods and Services Tax, Composition or Summons FeeComptroller of Goods & Services TaxPayment Slip No. (if any), Tax Reference No., Tax Type/ Fee, Tax Period, Name of taxpayer and contact number
Property TaxComptroller of Property TaxPayment Slip No. (if any), Tax Reference No., Tax Type/ Fee, Name of taxpayer and contact number
Stamp DutyCommissioner of Stamp DutiesDocument Reference No., Name of payer and contact number
Estate DutyCommissioner of Estate DutiesTax Reference No., Tax Type, Name of taxpayer and contact number  
Private Lotteries DutyCommissioner of Betting DutiesTax Reference No., Lottery Type (e.g. Fruit Machines, Tombola), Reporting Month, Name of taxpayer and contact number

If you are making payment for multiple Tax Reference Nos. using a single cheque/ cashier's order, please:

  1. Attach all corresponding Payment Slips to the cheque/ cashier's order
  2. Write all the Tax Reference Nos. and the breakdown of the payment amount on the reverse side of the cheque/ cashier's order
  3. Mail the cheque/ cashier's order in the self-enclosed envelope. 

If you do not have the self-enclosed envelope, you can mail to:

Singapore Post Centre Post Office
P.O. Box 394
Singapore 914014

Please ensure that the information stated on the cheque is correct, and duly signed by the account holder. 

Do not send post-dated cheques. The banks will reject incomplete information or post-dated cheques. Bank charges will be imposed on you for these rejections.

Processing of Payment

Your payment will be posted into the tax account within three working days after the cheque is received.

To check your latest tax position, please log in to  myTax Portal  - "View Account Summary".


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