GIRO Application Form

Important Notes

1. The GIRO form may take you about 3 - 5 minutes to complete.

2. You will need the following information to complete Part 1 of the form:

     - Tax Reference number

     - Bank account details (Bank account number and bank account holder's name)

3. Please enter the following details in Part 1:

   - Type in the details in the fields marked with (^)

   - Scroll down and Click "Complete"

   - Print and Sign

   - Mail the duly signed Original form to IRAS

* Do note that any handwritten amendments must be countersigned by the bank account holder. Use of correction fluid /tape is not allowed.

4. Please do not fax the GIRO form to us or send us scanned copy as the bank requires original signature for verification.

GIRO Application Forms & Explanatory Notes

Refer here for How GIRO works



GIRO Application FormsLast Updated
Master GIRO Form (Recommended) 

Notes (87 KB)  
Application Form & Return Envelope (1.29 MB)

A Master GIRO allows you to pay your Income Tax, Goods & Services Tax, Property Tax and Withholding Tax by completing one form only. You can choose one tax type now, and add other tax types to the Master GIRO later.


As a Master GIRO application allows you to add other tax type accounts without having to complete another GIRO application form, you need to use your own bank account when signing up for Master GIRO.


Please refer to the Notes for more details.


Oct 2017
Mar 2019
Individual Income Tax 

Notes  (57 KB) 
Application Form & Return Envelope  (2.32 MB)

Oct 2017
Mar 2019
Corporate Income Tax 
Notes  (51 KB) 
Application Form & Return Envelope (4.04 MB)

The GIRO payment option is available to companies registered in Singapore. Companies that are not registered in Singapore can use  other payment modes.   
Oct 2017 
Mar 2019

Property Tax  

Notes  (54 KB) 
Application Form & Return Envelope (1.62 MB)

Oct 2017
Mar 2019

Notes  (56.4 KB)  
Application Form & Return Envelope (1.87 MB)

Jan 2016
Mar 2019



Online GIRO Application - Instantaneous approval by Banks

Apply GIRO through myTax Portal

  • myTax Portal 
    Seamless GIRO application for both Individual Income Tax and Property Tax here.
    (Currently for DBS/POSBNEW! and OCBC customers only)
  • Internet Banking
    DBS/POSBOCBC and  UOB customers with Internet Banking account can apply for GIRO to pay for your Individual Income Tax and Property Tax. 
  • AXS
    DBS/POSB customer can also apply for GIRO at AXS stations to pay your Individual Income Tax.  

For more information about GIRO and how it works, please visit The Association of Banks in Singapore website.


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