Making Payment via Internet Banking Fund Transfer

Please quote your Tax Reference Number or Document Reference Number (for Stamp Duty) when giving instructions to effect the fund transfer.

IRAS Bank account details are as follows:

Tax Type All except Stamp Duty Stamp Duty
Payee:Commissioner of Inland Revenue Commissioner of Stamp Duties
Account Type:DBS Current Account  DBS Current Account 
Account No.:0010468669  0010468600
DBS Bank Code: 7171 7171


Bank's Address:

12 Marina Boulevard
DBS Asia Central
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
Singapore 018982

12 Marina Boulevard
DBS Asia Central
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
Singapore 018982


Information Required for Fund Transfer

You must indicate the Tax Reference Number or 14-digit Payment Slip Number for the respective tax types under Beneficiary Reference/ Purpose of Payment/ Remittance Information/ Payment Details field to avoid delay in the processing and posting of the payment: eg A1234567B Income Tax.

If you are making payment for Stamp Duty, please quote the 13-digit Document Reference Number.
 For DBS/ POSB account holders, please omit the first digit of the Document Reference Number e.g. if your Document Reference Number is 2020123456789, please enter 020123456789.

Please DO NOT make a lump sum payment for multiple Tax Reference Numbers/ Document Reference Numbers/ Payment Slip Numbers. Each fund transfer payment can only be made for one Tax Reference Number/ Document Reference Number/ Payment Slip Number. If you need to make tax payments for multiple entities, please work with your banker to do bulk payment in order to furnish all the relevant information at the point of remittance.


Processing of Payment

Your payment via fund transfer will be posted to the tax account within two working days if you provide the correct Tax Reference Number/ Document Reference Number/ Payment Slip Number.

To check your latest tax position, please log in to  myTax Portal - "View Account Summary".

For Stamp Duty, you will receive a notification to download the Stamp Certificate once the payment is received. The notification will be sent to your email address provided.

For the retrieval of your Stamp Certificate, please refer to How do I retrieve my Stamp Certificate.