Beware of fake websites spoofing IRAS. Use only the official IRAS website at or myTax Portal at to access information or do tax transactions. Always key in or to access the IRAS website or myTax Portal website. 

Look out for misspelling, substitution of letters, and/or the deliberate shifting of “” to other parts of the web address.  

The IRAS website and social media platforms will not have any third-party advertisements. Do not click on any links (e.g. advertisements offering cheap products) on spoofed IRAS website or social media platforms. These may result in malware being downloaded on your device which would compromise your device’s security. Scammers can then record keystrokes resulting in theft of your personal information such as Singpass and banking login details as well as credit card information.

Only download applications from official app stores to avoid malware being installed, especially those who use android phones.

Be wary of when you receive letters or other documents spoofing IRAS, other than those you access through the secured myTax Portal. Do not fall prey to scammers offering tax refunds or threatening to investigate you for incorrect tax filing.

What’s legit from IRAS?

  • IRAS websites will have the lock icon beside the URL which signals that data traffic within the site is encrypted
  • IRAS’ letters and notices are deposited in the secured myTax Portal at 

Screenshots showing spoofed IRAS website/documents:

Image showing scam email seeking payment for ABSD

Image showing scam letter seeking tax clearance, investors fee

Screenshot of the fake website

Spoofed myTax Portal (2) - 3 Oct 2022

Scam website - 3 Oct 2022