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Payment Page Instruction

Credit Card Payment

We Do Not offer credit card as a payment mode as the transaction cost charged by the credit card service providers is high. We need to keep our cost of collection low to preserve public funds.

You can use your credit card to pay your tax on AXS e-Station or AXS m-Station. Please note that there will be a payment limit of $9,999.99.

You can also check with your credit card issuing bank if they offer any payment scheme to pay income tax via credit card.

MediSave Payment

MediSave payment is to be made to CPFB directly.

Cheque Payment

You should choose digital payment methods like GIRO and PayNow over cheques. This ensures safe and seamless transactions, and helps you avoid incurring additional costs. You can find out more about the available digital payment methods by selecting the relevant tax type.

If you require assistance making digital payment, you can visit Revenue House or ServiceSG Centres.


For payment of income tax by Clubs, Trade Associations, Management Corporations, Town Councils and Trust, please select Corporate Income Tax.