IRAS' social responsibility statement

At IRAS, we believe in being responsible towards the society we live in. 

Caring for community

Our Community Involvement Committee organises fund-raising activities and outreach programmes for our people. More than 85% of us are involved in the Community Chest’s workplace-giving initiative, SHARE, as well as the annual President’s Challenge. We also participate in community work and fund-raising activities as we believe that every little gesture goes a long way in supporting charities and the less fortunate. IRAS’ Community Time-off Scheme was introduced to empower colleagues to claim time-off for two days annually on a co-share basis, for the time they spent in community service outside office hours.

Environmental sustainability

In support of the GreenGov.SG movement, IRAS has stepped up our efforts for Environmental Sustainability. These include (i) adopting more ambitious green targets, (ii) embedding sustainability into our core business, and (iii) encouraging staff to take individual ownership for sustainability on a daily basis. 

(i) IRAS will continue to strive towards our sustainability targets and lower our environmental impact. Over the years, we introduced many green building initiatives to improve both water and electricity consumption. Since 2014, Revenue House has been certified as Green Mark Platinum under the Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark certification scheme, which evaluates a building’s environmental impact and performance. 

(ii)  IRAS (along with many public sector agencies) have embedded sustainability into our core business to influence external stakeholders. This is a continuation/ expansion of our climate action pledge (in 2018) and Public Sector Taking the Lead in Environmental Sustainability 3.0 (in 2006 and enhanced in 2014). We have updated our procurement guidelines to require all procured products and services (e.g., ICT equipment, appliances, event venues, paper) to meet sustainability standards.

(iii) IRAS Green Ambassadors (an organic staff movement) actively cultivates a green sustainable culture and raises awareness of the importance of taking care of our environment for future generations, through publicity notices, talks, and sharing sessions for colleagues and tenants. Each year they also organise an environmental sustainability week to inculcate environmentally conscious practices and empower all staff to make smarter choices for an environmentally sustainable future. Recycling bins can be found in various spots in the building to encourage colleagues and taxpayers alike to do their part for the environment.

Engagement & partnership

IRAS is an active partner of the community in nation-building and inclusive growth, through outreach and partnerships with stakeholders across the tax ecosystem. These efforts include youth engagement, outreach, and feedback-gathering on policies and key issues, as well as collaboration with service providers to deliver better customer experiences and influence positive taxpaying values.