Social Responsibility Statement

At IRAS, we believe in being responsible towards the society we live in.  Our Community Involvement Committee organises fund-raising activities and outreach programmes for our people. More than 70% of our people are involved in Community Chest’s workplace-giving initiative, SHARE, and we have been supporting the President's Challenge annually.  We also inject the spirit of giving into our corporate events. Our people respond to and support all community work and fund-raising activities as they understand that their little gestures can go a long way in supporting the charities. IRAS supports and recognises these efforts of our people through the Community Time-off Scheme. The scheme allows our people to claim time-off for up to two days annually on a co-share basis for the time they spent in community service outside office hours.

We are also proud to be housed in one of the greenest offices in the nation. We reduce energy, water and paper wastage and do our part in creating a cleaner and healthier living environment for all.

IRAS has put in place systems that are energy efficient to reduce energy consumption by the organization. In addition, IRAS has regular recycling exercises for paper, toner cartridges, waste materials such as plastic bottles, cans, etc. Recycling bins have been strategically placed throughout the building to encourage staff and taxpayers to participate actively in the recycling exercise. IRAS has committed to purchase papers from 100% renewable fibres, and not from forest trees. Regular education through publicity notices, talks and sharing sessions is provided to staff and tenants to raise awareness of the importance of a green and sustainable environment for our future generations.