IRAS Co-Creation Grant

IRAS seeks to redefine the experiences of taxpayers by offering greater convenience, customisation and certainty in fulfilling their tax obligations. To facilitate this desired outcome, the IRAS Co-Creation Grant supports software developers in the development of solutions that:

Benefits the taxpaying community by integrating tax seamlessly into taxpayer's natural systems Taxpayer document           Harnesses IRAS' APIs API 

The solution can be an app, a web-based dashboard, or equivalent that facilitates tax filing preparation or tax management. For example, at the IRAS Hackathon in Sep 2016, participants developed prototypes of a record keeping app for business commission agents and a web application that converts accounting income to taxable income.
Successful applicants will be matched with a subject matter expert from IRAS, who will provide insights from IRAS’ perspective as a tax administrator.

Quantum and Eligibility Criteria

  •  Up to $30,000
Grant Duration
  • Development to be completed within 6 months.
  • A longer development period can be proposed, with reasons, for IRAS' consideration.
Costs Covered by Grant
  • Development cost (including manpower cost)
  • Equipment - hardware, software and network costs
  • Material costs
  • Professional services fees
  • Application fees for Intellectual Property Rights
  • Marketing and Publicity Expenses
  • Training cost, and
  • Any other costs on a case-by-case basis
Terms and Conditions

 Successful applicants:

  • have to be a registered entity in Singapore (Company or Limited Liability Partnership) upon approval of grant;
  • have to provide monthly updates on your progress to IRAS by email, onsite presentations or demonstrations; and
  • may be required to showcase your funded solutions at IRAS' events.

Application Process

Please submit  Application Form to before 30 Sep 2018.


Evaluation Criteria

We evaluate grant applications on the following criteria:

Impact of solution

  • Extent to which the solution will benefit the taxpaying community in Singapore

Clarity of project deliverable(s) and feasibility of implementation

  • Technical feasibility of the solution
  • Ability of the team to successfully carry out the project
  • Is solution likely to deliver value beyond the funding period 
  • How different the solution is from what is currently available in the market


Please email to for enquiries regarding your application or to request for further information.