Requesting a Copy of the Notice of Assessment (NOA) and Other Documents

The fastest and most convenient method is to use Alternatively, you can self-collect from IRAS.

Via myTax Portal

You can view or print copies of the Notice of Assessment (NOA) and other documents issued by IRAS via These other documents include:

  • Letters (e.g. Certificate of Residence)
  • Acknowledgement pages of your e-Filing transactions
  • PIC cash payout correspondence and notices

This service is free, fast and convenient.

For more details, please refer to View Corporate Tax Notices or View PIC Scheme Notices.

Taxpayer & Business Service Centre at Revenue House

If you are not using myTax Portal to retrieve a duplicate copy of the NOA and other documents, please make an appointment* with us at least two working days in advance to collect the documents at the Taxpayer & Business Service Centre, Main Lobby, Level One, Revenue House. 

* When you are making an appointment, please specify the details of the documents in the "Remarks" box.

Who Can Collect the NOA/ Other Documents

  1. Director of the company together with his NRIC; or
  2. Authorised person of the company.

The authorised person should produce his original NRIC and an original authorisation letter (using the company's letterhead) stating his full name, NRIC number and the document(s) that he wishes to collect. Scanned or photocopied authorisation letters will not be accepted.

There are fees for the request of duplicate copies of the NOA and other documents. Please refer to the Table of Fees. You may pay by NETS or Cashcard when you collect your documents.

Where to Collect the NOA/ Other Documents and Pay

Please proceed to the Taxpayer & Business Service Centre, Main Lobby, Level One, Revenue House for collection of the documents. You may pay by NETS or Cashcard when you collect your documents.


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