Requesting a Copy of the Notice of Assessment (NOA) and Other Documents

The fastest and most convenient method is to use If the document is not available at, please call us to request for the document to be mailed to you.

Via myTax Portal

You can view or print copies of the Notice of Assessment (NOA) and other documents issued by IRAS via These other documents include:

  • Letters (e.g. Certificate of Residence)
  • Acknowledgement pages of your e-Filing transactions
  • PIC cash payout correspondence and notices

This service is free, fast and convenient.

For more details, please refer to View Corporate Tax Notices or View PIC Scheme Notices.

Via Post

New! If the document is not available at, please call us to request for the document* to be mailed to you. There are fees for the request of duplicate copies of the NOA and other documents. IRAS will confirm your document request and inform you of the fees payment via a follow-up email to you. Please reply to our email with a copy of the payment confirmation page from your Internet Banking portal webpage and acknowledgement of the document requested. The company should receive the document at its registered address within 10 working days from the date of your reply.

* Only documents for advanced Year of Assessment (YA), current YA and up to 4 back YAs are available for request.

  • My company has been struck off and I am no longer able to view the company’s Corporate Tax Notices at May I request for a duplicate copy of the NOA and other tax documents of my company via post?

    A company ceases to exist when it has been struck off. The duplicate document request service via post will not be available to a company that no longer exists. Should your company require its Corporate Tax Notices, please arrange for the Notices to be downloaded and saved prior to its strike off with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).