Claiming Capital Allowances

Capital expenditure incurred by a person carrying on a trade, profession or business on the provision of plant and machinery for purposes of the trade, profession or business can qualify for capital allowances claim.

To claim capital allowances, please prepare the following supporting schedules in your tax computation. The tax computation must be submitted with Form C. However, if you are filing Form C-S, please retain the tax computation and submit them upon IRAS request.
  1. Fixed assets additions

    Give a brief description and cost of the new assets purchased during the accounting year.
  2. Fixed assets disposals

    Give a brief description, cost, sale proceeds and profit/ loss on disposal in respect of fixed assets sold/ written off during the accounting year.
  3. Capital allowances
  1. Show your basis of calculating the total capital allowances claimed, giving a breakdown of the cost/ tax written down value brought forward, capital allowance amount and tax written down value carried forward for each category of assets.

If you need help in preparing the capital allowance schedule, you may refer to the Tax Computation Template in Basic Tax Calculator.