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Culture @ IRAS

Encouraging Innovation

Championing for Passion (Sports) and Profession

(Ms Nurulasyiqah)

Giving Back to The Community

(Mr Vincent Choy)

Grow @ IRAS

Undergraduate Scholar in Accountancy

(Mr Gordon Cheong)

Mid-term Scholar in Real Estate & Business

(Mr Mohammad Noor Danial)

Job Rotation Opportunities

Single Scheme of Service

(Ms Chin Sau Hing)

In-house Accreditation Tax Specialist Scheme

(Mr Richard Goh)

Master Tax Specialist Programme

(Ms Wai Yean Tze)

Learning @ IRAS

Training and Mentorship

(Ms Bena Eoon)

Projects Involvement

(Mr Zander Pek)

Secondment Opportunities

Work @ IRAS

An Infocomm Specialist

(Mr Bryan Yap)

What is an engineer doing in IRAS?

(Ms Chin Hin Hin)

Looking Beyond Tax Assessment - International Tax

(Ms Eileen Tay)

Data Analytics’ Capabilities

(Mr Nicholas Sham)

Corporate Planning - Engaging & Empowering Our Staff

(Ms Yvonne Lay)

A Frontline Officer’s Story

(Mr Wong Choon Kait)

International Tax Affairs and Relations

(Mr Robin Ng)

Investigation and Forensics

(Mr Aaron Ng)

Government Initiative – Wage Credit Scheme

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In IRAS, our staff are strongly encouraged to share their ideas and constantly innovate to better improve processes and productivity.

Our Director, now in Internal Audit, Mrs Chia-Tan Hai Geok, has been awarded the PS21 Innovation Champion (Bronze) Award which recognises officers who inject innovation and creativity into their work. Our various project teams in IRAS have also won the MOF Best Project Award and MOF Innovator Award which recognise the value and impact the project brings to the organisation.

MOF Best Project Award

Project (2014): "Ask Joanne" - the first virtual assistant by a public agency to address taxpayers' queries through an interactive conversational style

Culture - Innovation

Team members: Chew Teck Kuan from Infocomm Division, Song Hwee Leng Vanessa from Taxpayer Services Management Unit, Ng Li Mei Shirley (seconded to Tax Academy) and Lim Chee Wei from Taxpayer Services Management Unit

Project (2013) Simplified Tax Returns for Small Companies (Form C-S) which simplifies the tax filing process for smaller businesses

Culture - Innovation2

Team members: Quek Puay Kiang (not in picture), Chong-Gan Kim Choo, Toh Meow San, Wong Pi Ting, Leow-Chor Li Fang, Tan Wang Cheu, Malarvili Agoram from Corporate Tax Division and Lai Sian Ying (seconded to MOF)

We champion a supportive work environment by celebrating wins and encouraging our people to create an impact across both passion and profession. Let's hear from Nurulasyiqah Binte Mohammad Taha, an Accredited Tax Specialist and Boccia athlete who won 2 gold medals at the 2014 ASEAN Paralympic Games and who came in as 2nd runner-up at the recent BISFed 2018 Ise Regional Open!

Nurulasyiqah (GST)

IRAS and Vital teamed up on a humanitarian trip in 2012 and 2013 called “Water for Life” to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to build Bio-sand water filters to supply clean water to households. Besides that, the volunteers built a toilet to improve sanitation facilities for the villagers at Kampong Speu. This trip has definitely inspired our staff volunteers. Vincent Choy, IRAS’ Team Lead in this "Water for Life" project, has a short message to share.

Culture - Vincent

Still deciding on your scholarship choices? Read IRAS Scholar, Gordon’s experience now that he has graduated and embarked on his career with IRAS!

Grow - Gordon

It is never too late to apply for a scholarship even though you have started your undergraduate programme. IRAS offers mid-term scholarship. Read our Mid-term scholar, Danial’s recent internship experience in IRAS.

Grow - Danial

In IRAS, we have a single scheme of service which allows all officers to progress to higher-level jobs based on your demonstrated ability, performance and readiness for the next level. Sau Hing, Manager from Taxpayer Services Division, shares her journey under the single scheme of service.

Grow - Sau Hing

How do our staff deepen their technical knowledge? Richard Goh, Accredited Tax Specialist (ATS) describes his learning journey.

Grow - Richard

What’s next after being an Accredited Tax Specialist? You can continue to deepen your knowledge through our Master Tax Specialist (MTS) Programme. Read on as our MTS, Yean Tze, describes the programme that she went through.

Grow - Yean Tze

Have you graduated and started your career in IRAS? Bena Eoon, Senior Tax Officer from Corporate Tax Division shares her experience then as a fresh graduate and how her mentor helped her.

Learn - Bena

What to expect whilst on your job? Zander Pek, Manager of the Compliance Strategy and Risk Division shares his experience.

Learn - Zander

Bryan Yap, our Infocomm Specialist gives you an overview.

Work - Bryan

Find out how Chin Hin Hin engineered her growth in tax!

Work - Hin Hin

Looking for an opportunity to join the ranks of Tax Specialist? Hear what Eileen Tay, from Tax Policy and International Tax Division, has to say!

Work - Eileen

If you think that data analysis just means collecting numbers and more numbers, think again. “Data analysis is about getting to the story behind the numbers,” says Nicholas Sham, Principal Analyst. Find out what’s so exciting at our Compliance, Strategy and Risk Division!

Work - Nicholas

Ms Yvonne Lay, Manager, Corporate Planning Branch, develops and reviews corporate-wide policies and strategies for organisational growth. Her work involves monitoring, assessing and reporting on organisational performance and risks, and scanning the environment on tax administration trends and best practices. As one of the leads in driving the Public Service Transformation changes in IRAS, Yvonne learns from the best.

Work - Yvonne

Choon Kait has been given opportunities to further develop his professional career when he was posted to do audit work in Individual Income Tax Division. Hear how his frontline experience transformed him.

Work - Choon Kait

Meet Robin Ng, who talks about his experience working in the International Tax Affairs and Relations Branch. He believes in the importance of IRAS’ international engagement efforts to protect Singapore’s interests. Most importantly, he is supported by a team of dynamic colleagues and supervisors to advance new ideas!

Work - Robin

If you've high levels of concentration and the ability to stay cool under pressure, you might just have what it takes to join the investigation team at IRAS. Principal Tax Investigator Aaron Ng gives insight into what makes his role a hectic, exciting and rewarding one.

Aaron Ng (IFD)