Checking Account Summary / Payments

A person who has been authorised at e-Service Authorisation System (EASY) can log in to myTax Portal  to view GST account details (e.g. whether payment is received) or request for a statement of account via “View Account Summary” e-Service.”


You can view your GST account balance via myTax Portal

  1. Log in to myTax Portal. You must have been authorised for your GST “Payment/Refund/Giro/Account Summary” matters via the e-Service Authorisation System (EASY).
  2. At “Account”, select “View Account Summary” and click on “View Details” to see the past three years’ transactions for your GST account.

    You can also download the statement of account by clicking on "Download” at the bottom of the page. 

    • What will I need to log in to myTax Portal?

      1) Your personal tax reference number (NRIC/ FIN/ASGD/ ITR)
      2) Your personal SingPass or IRAS PIN. You may reset/ request for a new SingPass  or IRAS PIN online.
      3) Your organisation's tax reference number (e.g. UEN, GSTN)
      4) Your client's tax reference number (e.g. UEN, GSTN) if you logging in to myTax Portal on behalf of your client


    • I have been authorised at EASY to e-File GST returns. Why am I unable to view the GST account summary?

      You must be authorised for “Payment/ Refund/ GIRO/ Account Summary” at e-Services Authorisation System (EASY) to view the GST account summary.

      You can log in to EASY and edit your authorisation records to enable this function.



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