Filing your taxes

  • If you are resident in Singapore, you can e-File your completed tax form from 1 Mar to 18 Apr every year. If you paper file, please submit your completed tax form by 15 Apr of each year.
  • Individuals can file annual income tax via e-Filing at myTax Portal or via paper filing.
  • 7 common filing mistakes to avoid by individuals when filing the annual tax return (Form B/B1).
  • You had omitted income in your Income Tax Return for previous years.
  • To make changes after filing your return, re-file using myTax Portal if you e-Filed. Write in to IRAS detailing the changes if you paper filed.
  • Most taxpayers file their tax returns on time. There are penalties for late filing and non-filing of returns. Individuals who do not file their tax returns on time or fail to file altogether are advised to do as soon as possible to avoid other actions by IRAS.   

  • IRAS audits tax returns and imposes penalties when there are errors, omissions and discrepancies. IRAS, in determining penalties, will take into consideration individual circumstances when there is no evidence of any intention to evade taxes.
  • You can check whether IRAS received your tax return by logging into myTax Portal or calling the IRAS hotline.