Public Advisory on Callers Impersonating IRAS Officers

7 Feb 2018

Members of the public have alerted IRAS that they have received suspicious calls from persons claiming to be IRAS officers and requesting that they pay their outstanding taxes immediately to unknown bank accounts. The telephone number displayed on the caller IDs included IRAS’ Individual Income Tax helpline “63568300”.

This is a scam. These calls were not made by IRAS officers. Members of the public are advised to ignore such calls, and lodge police reports if they have fallen victim to such frauds.

Members of the public who received such calls should:

Be vigilant. IRAS will not ask you to make a payment to a third party’s bank account through a telephone call. IRAS also does not offer payment options by “iTunes credits” or “Steam credits”.

Refrain from transferring any money to the caller, either via remittance agencies, banks or any other means.

Refrain from providing personal information such as name, identification number, passport number, bank account or credit card details to the caller.

Be Aware of Payment Modes to IRAS.  Payment modes to IRAS include GIRO, Internet Banking Bill payment, DBS PayLah! Mobile App, Phone Banking, ATM, AXS Station, SAM Kiosk and NETS. For payments to IRAS made via Internet Banking, DBS Paylah!, ATM Bill Payment and AXS Mobile and Internet, taxpayers must select ‘IRAS’ from the list of payees. Cheque payments must only be made payable to one of the following payees:

  • Comptroller of Income Tax
  • Comptroller of Goods & Services Tax

  • Comptroller of Property Tax

  • Commissioner of Stamp Duties

  • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

To protect themselves from scams, phishing and other online frauds, members of the public are advised to refer to IRAS’ advisory on scam & fraudulent activities.


Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore