GST Registration/ De-registration

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Application for GST Registration

Apply online via  myTax Portal   (Click on GST > Register for GST) and upload the required documents in the                    
Document Checklist (118 KB)

GST F1  (183KB) - only for businesses with no access to myTax Portal

Nov 2018


Notification of Liability to be GST-Registered: Details of All Partnerships and Partners  

GST F3 (74 KB)


Nov 2018

3 Application for Exemption from GST Registration
GST F2 (128 KB)

Jun 2017


Application for Cancellation of GST Registration

Apply online via  myTax Portal (Click on GST > Apply for Cancellation of GST Registration)

Feb 2009  

5 Application for Group Registration
GST G1 (322KB) 

Aug 2018  

6 Application for Inclusion/Removal of member to/from the GST Group
GST G2 (238KB) 

Aug 2018

7 Application for Deregistration of Group
GST G3 (171KB) 

Aug 2018 

8 Application for Change of Group Representative Member
GST G4 (502KB) 

Aug 2018 

9 Application for Divisional Registration
GST F11 (187KB) 

Aug 2018 

10 Application for Inclusion/ Removal of Division to/ from existing Divisional Registration / Deregistration of Divisional Registration
GST F12 (211KB) 

Aug 2018