GST Registration/ De-registration

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Application for GST Registration

Online application via  myTax Portal                     
Upload the required documents as per the Document Checklist to your Online application: 

Document Checklist (175 KB)

Paper application GST F1  (From 1 Oct 2018, only accepted for exceptional cases where applicant is unable to apply for GST registration online)

Submit the application form according to your type of business and the completed Document Checklist together with the supporting documents:

  1. Company and Others: GST F1- Application for GST Registration (629 KB)
  2. Partnership, LP & JV: GST F1- Application for GST Registration (661 KB)
  3. Sole-proprietor: GST F1 - Application for GST Registration (616 KB)

Feb 2018


Notification of Liability to be GST-Registered: Details of All Partnerships and Partners  

GST F3 (74 KB)

Jun 2017  

3 Application for Exemption from GST Registration
GST F2 (128 KB)

 Jun 2017  


Application for Cancellation of GST Registration

Online application via  myTax Portal

  • Applications will usually be processed within 10 working days

Feb 2009  

5 Application for Group Registration
GST G1 (322KB) 

Aug 2018  

6 Application for Inclusion/Removal of member to/from the GST Group
GST G2 (238KB) 

Aug 2018

7 Application for Deregistration of Group
GST G3 (171KB) 

Aug 2018  

8 Application for Change of Group Representative Member
GST G4 (502KB) 

Aug 2018  

9 Application for Divisional Registration
GST F11 (187KB) 

Aug 2018  

10 Application for Inclusion/ Removal of Division to/ from existing Divisional Registration / Deregistration of Divisional Registration
GST F12 (211KB) 

Aug 2018