You should submit the following applications to us digitally for added security and convenience. Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are only able to send notification letters for registration and deregistration. For the remaining applications, IRAS will send a notification email to the email address provided in your application form once your application has been processed.

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Application for GST Registration

Apply online via myTax Portal  (Click on GST > Register for GST) and upload the required documents in the document checklist (PDF, 223 KB)

GST F1 - only for businesses with no access to myTax Portal

OVR form - only for businesses registering under the Overseas Vendor Registration Pay-Only Regime

Jun 2022


Notification of Liability to be GST-Registered: Details of All Partnerships and Partners

GST F3 (PDF, 596KB)

Feb 2020

3Application for Exemption from GST Registration
GST F2 - only for local businesses/tax agents 
GST F2- only for overseas businesses 
Jul 2023

Application for Cancellation of GST Registration

Apply online via myTax Portal (Click on GST > Apply for Cancellation of GST Registration)

    Jan 2019

    5Application for Group Registration
     GST G1 

    Nov 2022

    6Application for Inclusion/Removal of member to/from the GST Group
     GST G2 

    Nov 2022

    7Application for Deregistration of Group
     GST G3 

    Nov 2022

    8Application for Change of Group Representative Member
     GST G4 

    Nov 2022

    9Application for Divisional Registration
    GST F11 (PDF, 219KB)

    Feb 2020

    10Application for Inclusion/ Removal of Division to/ from existing Divisional Registration / Deregistration of Divisional Registration
    GST F12 (PDF, 213KB)

    Feb 2020