Tax Agents

We, at IRAS, recognise tax agents as our partners in the administration of the Singapore tax system.  Hence, we would like to assist you in your compliance with tax obligations and in providing better value to your clients. To do so, we have specially created this section for you.

Accreditation for Tax Professionals

Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals (SIATP), the first accreditation body for tax professionals in Singapore, was set up in year 2010 by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) in partnership with the Tax Academy of Singapore. SIATP aims to promote the standards of tax practice and raise the technical competence and capability of tax professionals.

IRAS partners SIATP to improve industry standards and we collaborate on seminars and dialogue sessions to discuss tax policies and issues. For example, the SIATP’s SME Tax Committee, which focuses on tax-related issues of SMEs, represents SIATP in regular discussions with IRAS on initiatives, consultations and clarifications that SMEs and their tax consultants may face in the areas of tax compliance and administrative procedures. In addition, certain tax compliance initiatives under IRAS, such as the Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP) and Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK), can only be performed by SIATP accredited tax professionals. New! To support SIATP’s competency building efforts, IRAS will be piloting new dedicated email inboxes specifically to address SIATP members’ technical enquiries, starting from Feb 2020.

Tax professionals that have acquired the necessary training and practical experience may apply to SIATP for accreditation. Accredited tax professionals can enjoy greater professional recognition and more opportunities for skills development through priority access to SIATP’s events and a wide range of courses by different organisations. Accredited tax professionals also have exclusive access to SIATP’s technical articles, research services and IRAS’ collection of tax resources, as well as opportunities to network with other accredited tax professionals.

For more details on SIATP’s programmes, please refer to their website. You may also refer to SIATP’s online directory for a list of accredited tax professionals

Information on filing and technical matters

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