Singapore Corporate Access (Corppass)

From 11 Apr 2021, you will be required to log in to government digital services for businesses (G2B) using Singpass instead of Corppass. For more information, visit Corppass website.

Singapore Corporate Access (or Corppass) is the sole authorisation system for business entities to manage digital services' access of employees who need to perform corporate transactions with government agencies online. To access IRAS digital services, you must first be authorised via Corppass. 

The table below shows the list of IRAS digital services that require Corppass:

S/N Digital Services in myTax Portal
IRAS Digital Services in Corppass
1 - File Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)
- File Income Tax Return (Form C-S/ C, Dormant Company)
- Submit Document
- Revise/ Object to Assessment 
- Apply for Certificate of Residence (COR)
- Apply for Waiver to Submit Tax Return (Dormant Company)
- View Corporate Tax Filing Status/ Notices 
- Update Corporate Profile/ Contacts Details 
- View Late Filing Fee/ Summons
- Request Penalty Waiver/ Extension of Time to File
Corporate Tax (Filing and Applications)
2 - View Payment Plan

- View Account Summary
- Pay Taxes
- Request Penalty Waiver/ Extension of Time to File#

# Taxpayer needs to be assigned with Corporate Tax (Filing and Applications) and Corporate Tax (Payment) in order to access this e-Service.

Corporate Tax (Payment)
3 - Cancel GST Registration
- File GST Return/ Edit Past Return
- Register for GST
- Retrieve GST Returns/ Assessments for ASK Review
- Submit Requested Documents
- View GST Filing Status
- View/ Apply for Declaring Agent
- Update GST Contact Details
- View GST Notices/ Letters
GST (Filing and Applications)
4 -View Account Summary

- View Payment Plan
- Pay Taxes
- Request Penalty Waiver/ Extension of Time to File#

# Taxpayer needs to be assigned with GST (Filing and Applications) and GST (Payment) in order to access this e-Service.

GST (Payment)
5 - Application of PIC Cash Payout
- View PIC Cash Payout Application Status
- View PIC Scheme Notices
PIC Cash Payout
6 - Object to Annual Value
- View Property Dashboard
- View Notices / Letters
Property Tax (Filing and Applications)

- View Property Dashboard
- View Notices / Letters
- View Account Summary
- View / Cancel Payment Plan
- Pay Taxes
- Request Penalty Waiver/ Extension of Time to File#

# Taxpayer needs to be assigned with Property Tax (Filing and Applications) and Property Tax (Payment) in order to access this e-Service.

Property Tax (Payment)
 8  - Update Property Ownership Property Tax (Update Property Ownership)
9 - File S45 Form

- Retrieve S45 Form (Draft)
- Approve S45 Form*
- Submit S45 Form*
- View S45 Form Status
- View S45 COR Status
- View S45 Notices / Letters

*only applicable to Approver

S45 Withholding Tax (Filing)
10  -View S45 GIRO Plan S45 Withholding Tax (GIRO Deduction Details)
11 - File Form P
- View Partnership Tax Filing Status
- View Notices - Partnership
- Update Partnership Contact Details
- Request Penalty Waiver/ Extension of Time to File
Partnership (Form P Filing)
 12 - File Form IR21
- View Form IR21 Records
- View Tax Clearance Notices/Letters
Tax Clearance (Form IR21)
 13  Submit Employment Income Records Submission of Employment Income Records
 14  Submit Commission Records Submission of Commission Records
 15  Download Donation Application & Submit Records Submission of Donation Records
16 - View/ Update FI AEOI Profile
- View/ Update My Profile
- View AEOI Contact Details
- View/ Edit Trustee-Documented Trusts
- View AEOI e-Service Transaction History
- View Submitted Financial Account Report
- Apply to Deregister for AEOI
- Submit CRS Return
- View AEOI Notices / Letters
Automatic Exchange of Information (CRS and FATCA)
17  e-Stamping Full suite of services relating to payment of stamp duties.
 18  Submit Income Records for Self-Employed Submission of Income Records for Self-Employed

Get Started with Corppass by Your Role 

If you are a:   
Corppass Role

User Guide/ Registration Form 

  • Registered Officer
  • Corppass Admin

  •  Corppass User
  • Foreign entity without Unique Entity Number (UEN)
  • Corppass Foreign user who is not working/ staying in Singapore 
  •  Register with IRAS by submitting the completed form
  • Corppass Admin (your entity is neither a Singapore Registered Entity nor a Foreign Registered Entity)
  • Register your Corppass Admin with IRAS by submitting the completed form

  • Tax Agent/ Third Party transacting on behalf of a business client
  • GST-registered Companies
  • GST-registered Sole-proprietor, GST Group Registrant or Divisional Registrant
  • GST-registered Companies Under Liquidation

If you require technical assistance on Corppass matters, please visit the Corppass website for more information. Alternatively, you may contact the Corppass Helpdesk at +65 6335 3530 or email