IRAS Digital Notices

From May 2021, most IRAS notices will be digitised, with paper notices minimised. To receive timely notifications when your notices are ready for viewing, ensure your contact details with us are up-to-date, or update your notification preferences via the new 'Update Notice Preferences' digital service on myTax Portal now!


With digitised notices, you will enjoy greater convenience in the following ways:

digital notice 1

Fast Access
Convenient and instant access of notices, anytime, anywhere

digital notice 2

Timely Notifications
No more lost mails! Receive timely e-Notifications when notice is ready for viewing

digital notice 3

Easy Management
View up to 3 years’ of past notices without rummaging through physical files

digital notice 4

Safe and Secure
Access IRAS’ notices in myTax Portal, a safe and secured platform

Subscribe to e-Notifications for IRAS Digital Notices


Update Notice Preferences

For Individuals

Most taxpayers have subscribed to receive SMS notifications when their Individual Income Tax and/or Property Tax Bill is ready for viewing, instead of paper bills. If you are not receiving SMS notifications for your tax bills yet, you can subscribe to them now in just 3 simple steps! 

Update Notice Preferences for Individuals


    For Companies/ Businesses/ Tax Agents

    From May 2021, companies/ businesses can receive email notifications when their notice is ready for viewing on myTax Portal. In early 2021, IRAS will send a paper notice to companies/ businesses informing them of our intention to communicate with them digitally.

    To ensure that your company/ business receives timely email notifications when your notices are ready for viewing, update the recipients’ email address(es) now in just 3 simple steps!

    Update Notice Preferences for Businesses

    Note: Only Corppass-authorised ‘Approvers’ for IRAS’ digital services will be able to update the company’s/ business’ notification preferences for tax type(s) relevant to the company/business

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