If you receive WhatsApp or SMS messages claiming that you are under investigation for incorrect tax filing, promising tax refunds or threatening you with bank account closure, beware. Do not click on the fraudulent links!  

To prevent scammers from impersonating IRAS, we are registered with the Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry. Scam messages impersonating IRAS are identified and blocked upfront. You will only receive official SMSes from IRAS with the sender ID “IRAS”.  

Watch out for fake IDs spoofing the IRAS ID. Scammers use alphabets, numbers or symbols to create fake IRAS IDs. Some examples are “!RAS”, “I$AS” or “iRAS”.  

Smishing attacks are sent via WhatsApp/SMS messages. When you click on the links in the messages, typically you will be led to a seemingly legitimate webpage (spoofed IRAS website or bank website) phishing for your user name, password, account number or other personal information. Scammers use this confidential information to carry out identity fraud. 

Sometimes, the links also download malware such as viruses, ransomware, spyware or adware on the devices.  

What’s legit from IRAS?

  • SMS sender identity is “IRAS”
  • IRAS will not send links asking for personal information such as Singpass and banking login details as well as credit card information via SMS or WhatsApp
  • IRAS will only send links upon your request 
  • IRAS will not contact you via WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber

    Screenshots of scam WhatsApp/ SMS messages: 

    Scam SMS - 3 Oct 2022


    Phishing scam_12 Oct

    SMS_6 Sep 2022