20 Nov 2021

We refer to Mr Ho Cheong Tong’s letter “Jobs Support Scheme. At a loss on being denied latest payout” (12 Nov).  

We recognise that many F&B businesses are affected by the COVID-19 situation, as well as the tightened safe management measures. Hence, the government has provided enhanced Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) payments to help them through this period.  

To qualify for JSS support levels for F&B, the businesses will need to be classified under F&B-related SSICs and have a valid Food Shop License issued by the Singapore Food Agency before the relevant cut-off dates. Those that do not qualify but were significantly affected by the tightened measures can appeal to IRAS for a case-by-case review.  

We thank Mr Ho for the opportunity to clarify this, and have since reached out to him on his appeal.  


Kelly Wee (Ms)
Director (Corporate Communications)
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore