30 Nov 2015

With Annual Values of HDB and private residential properties reduced in line with market rentals, 93% of residential property owners will pay lower property tax.

All HDB flat owners will pay lower or no property tax next year while 8 in 10 private residential property owners will pay lower property tax in 2016. In particular, all 1- and 2-room HDB flat owner-occupiers and 28,200 3-room HDB flat owner-occupiers will not have to pay any property tax when the revised annual values take effect from 1 Jan 2016. 

The tax savings for HDB flats will range from 9% to 24%, compared to property tax paid in 2015. Of the private residential properties with reduced annual values, more than 80% will see tax savings of between 3% and 20%.

Lower Property Tax in 2016 for Owner-Occupied HDB Flats

 HDB Flat Type 2016 Property Tax Payable 2015 Property Tax Payable Savings in 20161
 3-Room Flat
 $0 - $37.60 $1.60 - $49.60 $1.60-$12.00
(At least 24%)
 4-Room Flat $71.20 - $119.20 $85.60 - $133.60 $14.40
(At least 11%)
 5-Room Flat $104.80 - $152.80 $121.60 - $169.60 $16.80
(At least 10%)
 $116.80 - $164.80
 $133.60 - $181.60 $16.80
(At least 9%)

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) reviews the Annual Values (AVs) of properties annually to ensure that they reflect prevailing market rentals. Property tax is a tax on property ownership and it is payable on all properties regardless whether the property is rented out, owner-occupied, or left vacant. Property tax is computed on AVs, by multiplying the AV of the property with the relevant set of progressive property tax rates for residential properties. The concessionary ‘Owner-Occupier Residential Tax Rates’ is applied on owner-occupied residential properties while the ‘Residential Tax Rates’ is applied on non-owner-occupied properties (Refer to Annex 1 (PDF, 115KB)).    


Simplified e-Service to Check Property Tax Payable New!

Property owners can use a new e-Service - ‘e-Property Tax Balance’ – to check if there is any tax payable on their properties and whether the current payment mode is by GIRO. Property owners simply enter the property tax reference number or property address and the NRIC of any of the owners to find out the property tax payable.

Pay Your 2016 Property Tax by 31 Jan 2016

Property tax has to be paid by 31 Jan 2016. IRAS encourages property owners to join GIRO to enjoy up to 12 interest-free monthly instalments or opt for a one-time deduction. Taxpayers who have bank accounts with DBS/POSB, UOB or OCBC can apply for GIRO via Internet Banking and receive instant approval.

A 5% penalty will be imposed on property owners who fail to pay or have not arranged to pay their tax by 31 Jan 2016. Property owners facing financial difficulties are advised to contact IRAS at 1800-356 8300 before the due date to discuss a suitable payment plan.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit www.iras.gov.sg> Property> Property Owners> 2016 Property Tax Bills.

1Tax Savings and Property Tax Payable are calculated based on owner-occupied HDB flats.

2This does not include Executive Condominiums.


Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore