IRAS engages stakeholders for feedback and suggestions on how we can enhance our services and implement new initiatives for taxpayers. Through the engagement, IRAS also seeks to build and strengthen relationships and trust by connecting and working with stakeholders.

We engage our stakeholders through the Taxpayer Feedback Resource Panel (“TFRP”) – a resource panel comprising professional bodies, trade associations and chambers of commerce. As these organisations have close connection to businesses and understand the needs of industries, they act as a bridge for IRAS to engage taxpayers through ways such as:

  • Focus group discussions
  • Public consultations
  • Just-in-time polls
  • Interviews

IRAS also disseminates useful information on significant tax developments and new initiatives through the TFRP network to various segments of taxpayers.

Listing of Taxpayer Feedback Resource Panel  TFRP Associations (PDF, 16KB)