Changing Filing Details

To make changes to the original tax clearance filing, you must file another Form IR21.

Please indicate whether it is an Additional IR21 or Amended IR21 on the form.

Additional IR21Amended IR21
  • Indicate "Additional" if you are reporting additional income payable to your employee.
  • Report only the amount of additional income payable and additional monies withheld.

    Do not report other income details which have been previously reported. Otherwise, income will be double assessed.
  • Indicate "Amended" if you are making  changes to the Form IR21 previously submitted.
  • Report the full set of income details and the revised amount of monies withheld.

    Amended Form IR21 will supersede all other Form IR21 previously submitted for the employee. 

    However, if you are only making changes to the amount of monies withheld, please email the details to us via myTax Mail at myTax Portal.


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