• Tourists buying goods from retailers who participate in the electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS) may claim a refund of the GST paid on purchases made in Singapore.
  • Not all businesses are registered for GST. Only GST-registered businesses are allowed to charge and collect GST on the goods and services you purchase from them. You may wish to use our e-Service to check if a particular business is registered for GST . GST is charged on the final value (inclusive of ser

  • Goods that are imported into Singapore by parcel post through ordinary mail or Speedpost (e.g. for goods that are purchased online) are subject to GST. This applies to all new articles, personal articles, souvenirs, gifts, food preparations and dutiable products.
  • If you are a bona fide traveller (excluding holders of work permits, employment passes, student passes, dependent passes or long-term passes), you will be given GST relief on new articles, souvenirs, gifts and food preparations that you bring into Singapore which are for your personal use. The relief does not apply to intoxicating liquor and tobacco, as well as goods imported for commercial purposes. 

  • From 1 Jan 2020, GST will apply to digital services purchased by consumers in Singapore from GST-registered overseas service providers.