Specific industries


  • This section covers the basis of assessment, deductible and non-deductible expenses, tax deductions, tax exemptions and tax computation for investment holding companies.
  • This page explains how tax is assessed on companies that render services to its related parties.

  • Shipping income of a shipping enterprise is exempt from tax under Sections 13A and 13F of the Income Tax Act (ITA).
  • A car rental company refers to a company that rents out private hire cars for a fee. These private hire cars are described as “Private Hire” in the Vehicle Log Card.

  • A car tuition company refers to a company which holds a driving school licence and with it, provides car driving instructions for a fee.
  • This section sets out common scenarios of income and expense items, and the corresponding tax treatment to determine the taxable profits of construction companies. It also covers the record-keeping requirements for these companies.
  • Property developers are required to keep certain records and information and provide them to IRAS, upon request.