How to File Tax

You can file your annual income tax return via:

(i) e-Filing at myTax Portal using a computer or mobile device; or

(ii) Paper Form


Tax Residents (In Singapore 183 days or more)

You can e-File your tax return via myTax Portal from 1 Mar to 18 Apr or submit a paper tax return by 15 Apr.

Non-Residents (In Singapore less than 183 days)

If you have been issued with a paper Form M, you can e-File your tax return via myTax Portal from 1 Mar to 18 Apr using your Singpass or Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA). Alternatively, you can submit a paper tax return (Form M) by 15 Apr.

Learn more about the common filing mistakes to avoid and how to report income not previously reported .

  • (Q1) I hold a work permit to work as a confinement nanny in Singapore. How do I file tax?

    You should declare your salary as a confinement nanny as employment income. If you did not receive any filing notification, please Email us with the following information:

    1. A copy of the work permit letter issued by the Ministry of Manpower;

    2. Your mailing address;

    3. Validity period of your latest Singapore work pass;

    4. Total number of days you were physically present in Singapore in the preceding year (see Note below);

    5. Your total income in the preceding year (see Note below);

    6. Date of departure / expected date of departure from Singapore


    If you have ceased employment in Singapore, please provide the relevant information for the preceding year and the year of cessation of employment.

    Example: You worked as a confinement nanny from Jun 2020 until Aug 2021. The relevant periods are Jun 2020 to Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 to Aug 2021.