How to File Tax

You can file your annual income tax return via:

(i) e-Filing at myTax Portal;
(ii) Mobile phone; or
(iii) Paper Form.


If you receive a letter or SMS informing you to file an income tax return, you must file even if:

  1. You did not have any income in the preceding year; or
  2. You have only employment income and your employer is participating in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) and will e-submit your employment income details to IRAS.

You can e-File your tax return via myTax Portal from 1 Mar 2019 to 18 Apr 2019. Find out more on e-Filing tax.

New! Filing Your Income Tax Return via Mobile Phone

You can now file your income tax return via your mobile phone!

Mobile Filing

Paper Filing

Please file your tax your  paper tax return by 15 Apr 2019.

When filing your tax return, you do not need to declare the employment income received from the employer who is participating in the Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS). This information would be automatically included in your income tax assessment.

If your employer is under AIS, you should enter "0" for your employment income and any donations, CPF contributions and life insurance premium deducted from your salary

No-Filing Service (NFS)

The No-Filing Service or NFS means that you are not required to file a tax return.

Your Notice of Assessment (NOA) or tax bill will be sent to you between end Apr to Sep 2019. Your NOA is computed based on your auto-included income and previous year's relief claims, which may be adjusted if you do not meet the eligibility criteria.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your NOA is accurate. If you have any other income that is not shown in the NOA, or your relief claims in the NOA are incorrect, please inform us within 30 days from the date of your NOA.

You may verify the details of your auto-included information and preview your Notice of Assessment (PNOA) at myTax Portal using your SingPass or IRAS Unique Account (IUA) from 1 Mar to 18 Apr 2019.

1) If your PNOA is accurate, you may request an early assessment.

2) If your PNOA is not accurate, you can e-File a tax return to make the relevant changes. Some examples of the changes are:

- Additional or non-auto-included sources of income (e.g. rental income received in 2018, employment income received if you have joined a new company in 2018 and your employer is not participating in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme), or  

- Amendments to personal relief claims (e.g. child relief claims on a newborn child in 2018, remove child relief claims if your child started working and had income exceeding $4,000 in 2018).

Find out more about the No-Filing Service (NFS).

Whether you file your tax returns by e-File or via paper return, you may have some questions about mistakes to be avoided. Learn more about the common filing mistakes and how to report income that was not previously reported.


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