Property Tax Payment Due Dates

The annual property tax bill must be paid by 31 Jan. All other property tax notices must be paid one month from the date of notice.

Payment Due Dates

Type of Notice

Payment Due Date

Annual Property Tax Bill

By 31 Jan every year

Other Property Tax Notices

One month from the date of notice

Annual Property Tax Bill

Property owners, not paying through GIRO, must pay property tax for the whole year by 31 Jan every year.  At the end of each year, IRAS will send property owners the tax bill for the following year. 

For instance, property owners receive their annual property tax bill for 2021 on 15 Dec 2020, and must make payment by 31 Jan 2021.

Other Property Tax Notices

During the year, IRAS may notify property owners of adjustments arising from any of the following reasons:

  1. A new assessment has been raised on your property;
  2. The annual value of your property has been revised due to reasons such as changes to market rent or addition and alteration works

Property Owners Not on GIRO 

If you are not paying by GIRO, any additional tax payable is due one month from the date of notice.

For your convenience, we encourage you to pay your tax by GIRO. You can enjoy up to 12 months interest-free instalments or opt for a one-time GIRO deduction. Additional tax payable will be automatically reflected in your new payment plan and refunds will be credited in to your account.


If you receive a Valuation Notice on 23 Sep 2019, your payment due date will be on 23 Oct 2019, one month from the date of the notice.

You can view your Property Tax Bills/Notices using our e-ServiceView Property Tax Notices".

Property Owners on GIRO

If you are paying by GIRO, you will receive a revised GIRO instalment plan together with your notice.