Lawyers generally submit the Notice of Transfer on behalf of the seller/transferor of the property using the online service 'Update Property Ownership' provided by IRAS.

Obligation to File Notice

When any property is sold or transferred, the seller or transferor shall, within 1 month after the sale or transfer, give notice of the sale or transfer to IRAS.

Multiple Transferees

Where there is more than 1 owner, all correspondence relating to property tax matters will be addressed to the first name stated in the Notice of Transfer. Hence, lawyers are advised to confirm with the new owners on the name of the addresses before filing.

Online Filing Service 'Update Property Ownership'

Lawyers are able to file the Notice of Transfer on behalf of the sellers/transferors via (Log in for Client Notice of Transfer with Singpass) at no cost.

To provide greater convenience, we have simplified the form to dynamically display the fields required for entry. For common scenario like transferees who are Singaporeans, once the correct NRIC number is entered, IRAS would be able to retrieve the name of the transferee from our database and updated in the records accordingly. Hence you are not required to key in the name of transferee in the Notice.

Information required for filing includes:

  1. Sale and Purchase Agreement;
  2. Identification numbers of the transferors/ transferees*;
  3. Citizenship and Dates of Birth for non-Singapore Citizens; and
  4. Names (according to the identification documents) of non-Singapore Citizens.

*For correspondence and payment, IRAS will correspond with the owner who is listed first in the Notice of Transfer.

Once your Notice of Transfer has been transmitted via the online service 'Update Property Ownership', you will see an on-screen acknowledgement.