Property tax information for owners who are going through en bloc sales.

Information for Owners who are going through En bloc Sales

Enbloc-PT info

Property tax is payable yearly in advance by the month of January. You should have paid the full year tax by 31 Jan before you sell your property.

If you have not paid the full year tax and do not have a GIRO instalment plan, you are advised to check your outstanding property tax and make payment before the completion of sale of your property.

If you are paying tax by GIRO, please consult your lawyer on the settlement of the outstanding property tax due for the rest of the year with the buyer of your property.

You should then seek reimbursement from the purchaser-developer on their share of property tax for which they should be responsible. Your lawyer should assist you with this.

Check Property Tax Balance and Pay Property Tax


  1. Check your outstanding property tax using the IRAS bot by clicking ‘IRAS Bot’ at the bottom right of the webpage.

  2. Pay your outstanding property tax via AXS/ SAM/ Internet Banking, quoting the property tax reference number.

Terminate GIRO

Enbloc-Terminate GIRO

To terminate your existing GIRO arrangement, please do so via internet banking or contact your bank directly.

If you are using Master GIRO to make payment for more than 1 of your own taxes (e.g. Income Tax, Property Tax or GST) or for property tax for more than 1 of your properties, please call IRAS at 1800 356 8300 or email us to terminate your GIRO arrangement.

Please inform IRAS at least 1 week before the end of the month if you wish to cancel the GIRO deduction for the following month. If we do not receive any instruction from you, the bank will continue to deduct the payment from your GIRO account for the following month.

Print Property Tax Balance

Enbloc-Print PT balance

Your payment will be posted into your property tax account within 3 working days after payment is received. To obtain a copy of your property tax balance, you may use either of these digital services:

  1. Check Property Tax Balance (no Singpass required)

  2. View Account Summary (Singpass required)