S/N Title Last updated
1 Master GIRO Application Form (PDF,1.21MB)

Mar 2021

2 Application for GST Advance Ruling
GST F19 (DOC, 157KB)

 Nov 2019


CorpPass Administrator for:

  1. GST-registered sole-proprietors (appointment of second administrator only)
  2. Group/Divisional registrants

Apr 2019

4 Application for Remission under S89 of the GST Act for Refund of Import GST Paid on Behalf of an Importer
GST F18 (DOCX, 77KB)

Jun 2020

5 Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK): Declaration Form on Completing Annual Review and Voluntary Disclosure of Errors (ZIP, 69KB)

 Jan 2021

6 Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK): Declaration Form on ASK Administrative Concessions (ZIP, 15KB)

Jan 2020

7 Request for Relief of GST on Goods or Services supplied prior to supplier's GST registration date (PDF, 39KB)

Dec 2010


GST Computation Templates for Motor Trade Industry
Sale of new vehicles (XLS, 30KB)
Sale of used vehicles (XLS, 28KB)
Sale of vehicle bodies (XLS, 25KB)

Feb 2011

9 Participation in GST Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP)
GST F23 (DOCX, 53KB)

Jan 2019 

10 Post Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP) Review Declaration
GST F28 (XLSX, 398KB)

Jan 2020

11 Certified Post ACAP Review Declaration                                                  
GST F28A (XLSX, 426KB)

Jan 2020

12 Application to Renew Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP) Status                                                  
GST F29 (DOCX, 50KB)

Jan 2019


Declaration of Carrier of Goods Hand-carried out of Singapore by Individual Carrier

Declaration Form (DOCX, 38KB)

Feb 2021