If you receive emails claiming that you are under investigation for incorrect tax filing, promising tax refunds or threatening you with bank account closure, beware. Do not click on the fraudulent links! 

When you click on the links, typically you will be led to a seemingly legitimate webpage (spoofed IRAS website or bank website) phishing for your user name, password, account number or other personal information. Scammers use this confidential information to carry out identity fraud.

Sometimes, the links also download malware such as viruses, ransomware, spyware or adware on your device.

Never disclose your personal; or internet banking details and OTPs to anyone. Update your contact details registered with Singpass and enable notifications via Singpass app so that you are promptly alerted of suspicious log-ins, e.g. when a log-in on a new device or Internet browser is detected, and contact Singpass to secure your account.

What’s legit from IRAS? 

  • Sender email address ends with @iras.gov.sg
  • IRAS will not solicit confidential information e.g. password, Singpass OTP, credit card and bank account details, via email

Screenshots showing samples of scam emails: 

Scam email on tax refund

Screenshot of scam email seeking deposit payment on outstanding stamp duty payment_21Feb2023

Image showing scam email offering tax refunds to taxpayers _4 Nov 2022

  Image showing a spoofed IRAS email containing malicious content

Image showing scam email offering tax refunds to taxpayers