Corporate Income Tax

How GIRO works

Date of Deduction*

Every 6th of the month. If unsuccessful, the second deduction will be done on 20th of the month. 

GIRO arrangement will be cancelled if deductions are unsuccessful on both dates (6th and 20th ).

You are required to make full payment of outstanding tax at myTax Portal  (Select “Account” > “Pay Taxes”) or re-activate the GIRO arrangement (Select “Account” > “Apply for Payment Plan”) to avoid penalties.

How many instalments can my company* be grantedDepends on the promptness of filing the Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI).

No instalment for back years' taxes.

*Only Companies registered in Singapore are eligible for instalment.

The number of instalments granted to the company for the current year of assessment depends on the promptness in filing its Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI).

No instalment arrangement will be granted for back year taxes.

Tax payable on first ECI e-Filed within No. of Instalments Given (Notes 1 to 3)
1 month from financial year end 10
2 months from financial year end 8
3 months from financial year end 6
After 3 months from financial year end No instalments allowed
  1. The instalment plan is subject to a minimum monthly GIRO deduction amount of $50.
  2. The first few instalments may be combined and deducted on the first GIRO deduction date, depending on the date of filing of ECI.
  3. IRAS may vary the instalment plan for companies that file revised ECIs.
e-File the company's ECI by the 26th of the first, second or third month from the company's financial year end to enjoy the 10, 8, and 6 instalments respectively.

Apply for GIRO arrangement

Please complete the GIRO Application Form and mail it to IRAS. The GIRO arrangement will be set up within 3 weeks

Master GIRO (Recommended)Corporate Tax GIRO
Allows you to pay your Income Tax, Goods & Services Tax, Property Tax and/or Withholding Tax by completing one application form.

Please use your own bank account when signing up for Master GIRO.

Download Master GIRO Form (PDF, 689KB)
If you are using 3rd party bank account to sign up for GIRO.

Download Corporate Tax Application Form (PDF, 3.98MB)

IRAS will send you a notification to view the notice of your GIRO application status via your preferred notification mode (E.g. GIRO approval notices and Instalment Plan will be stored in myTax Portal). You may log in to myTax Portal to view payment plan details (Select “Account”> “View Payment Plan”).

For GIRO applications received after the 21st of the current month, deductions will only commence on the month after the upcoming month.

Make changes to GIRO arrangement

Changing my GIRO arrangement to another bank account

If the bank account is not previously applied with IRAS, you will have to submit a new GIRO application (refer to Apply for GIRO arrangement). Your existing GIRO arrangement will be automatically cancelled and replaced by the approved new application. 

You will be notified via your preferred mode of notification on the revised payment plan. Alternatively, you may log in to myTax Portal to view your payment plan details (Select "Account > "View Payment Plan").


Terminate / Cancel my GIRO Arrangement

If you wish to terminate your GIRO arrangement with IRAS, please contact your bank directly. Once GIRO arrangement has been terminated, you will have to apply for a new GIRO application.

Do remember to settle any outstanding tax immediately after the cancellation/termination of GIRO arrangement to avoid late payment penalty. 

Please log in to myTax Portal (Select "Account" > "View Account Summary") to view your latest tax balance and make payment via Pay Taxes (Select "Account" > "Pay Taxes").



Change my Plan Type

If you wish to make the following change:
  • Monthly instalment to one-time yearly deduction or
  • One-time yearly deduction to monthly instalment

You can log in to myTax Portal to cancel your GIRO plan (Select "Account" > "View/Cancel Payment Plan"), re-activate your GIRO (Select "Account" > "Apply for Payment Plan") and select your preferred plan type. Alternatively, you may make the request via LiveChat.


Request to Extend Payment Plan

If you need help with your tax payment, you may apply for a longer GIRO arrangement.