Individual Income Tax

How GIRO works

You may opt to pay your tax on Monthly GIRO and One-time yearly GIRO.

Monthly GIRO
One-time yearly GIRO
Frequency of Deduction

Up to 12 monthly instalments


Date of Deductions*

Every 6th of the month. If unsuccessful, the second deduction will be done on 20th of the month. 

GIRO arrangement will be cancelled after 2 consecutive months of unsuccessful deductions (total of 4 unsuccessful deductions). You are required to make full payment of outstanding tax at myTax Portal (Select “Account” > “Pay Taxes”) or re-activate the GIRO arrangement (Select “Account” > “Apply for Payment Plan”) to avoid penalties. 

Please ensure enough funds and set the appropriate payment limit for your bank account for successful GIRO deduction. 
Provisional Instalment Plan (PIP)
Commences yearly from May, based on the previous year’s tax. Refer to "How Provisional Instalment Plan (PIP) works" for more details.
Not Applicable
Additional fees

There is no additional fee for GIRO arrangement. However, some banks may impose bank charges for unsuccessful GIRO deductions. 
*If the deduction date falls on a weekend or public holiday, deduction will be made the next working day.

How Provisional Instalment Plan (PIP) works.

Monthly GIRO

If you join GIRO after May, the instalment deduction will commence in the month after your GIRO application is approved which ends in April of the following year. 

In the following year, a PIP of 12 full months starting from May will be prepared based on your previous year’s taxes. Once your current tax assessment has been finalised, your monthly GIRO arrangement will be revised based on actual tax payable.

Mr Ong is on a monthly GIRO arrangement

1. He received a PIP based on his Year of Assessment (YA) 2022’s tax of $1,680A monthly instalment of $140 from May’23 – Apr’24 (12 months) 
is set up for him.
2. His assessment for YA 2023 was finalised in Aug’23 and the actual tax payable is $1,750
The monthly instalment was revised to $150 monthly from Oct’23 – Apr’24
(7 months).

    5 months x $140 = $700                7 months x $150 = $1,050       

As at end of Sept’23, Mr Ong has paid $700.

$1,750      -       $700      =       $1,050

Apply for GIRO arrangement

Here are 3 ways to apply GIRO application online and get instant approval by Banks! 
The GIRO arrangement will be set up within 3 working days.


myTax Portal

DBS/POSB and OCBC customers

Internet Banking

DBS/POSB, OCBC and UOB customers

AXS Stations

DBS/POSB customers

For banks not listed above for online application, please complete the GIRO Application Form and mail it to IRAS. The GIRO arrangement will be set up within 3 weeks. 

Master GIRO (Recommended)
Individual Income Tax GIRO

Allows you to pay your Income Tax, Goods & Services Tax and/or Property Tax by completing one application form.

Please use your own bank account when signing up for Master GIRO.


Download MasterGIRO Form (PDF, 689KB)

If you are using a 3rd party bank account to sign up for GIRO. 


Download Individual Income Tax GIRO Application Form (PDF, 2.08MB)

IRAS will send you a notification to view the notice of your GIRO application status via your preferred notification mode (E.g. GIRO approval notices and Instalment Plan will be stored in myTax Portal). You may log in to myTaxPortal to view payment plan details (Select “Account”> “View Payment Plan”).

For GIRO applications received after the 21st of the current month, deductions will only commence on the month after the upcoming month.

Re-activate GIRO arrangement

If your GIRO arrangement has been cancelled and you wish to re-activate any previous GIRO arrangement set up with IRAS, please log in to myTax Portal (Select “Account” > “Apply for Payment Plan”) to re-activate GIRO.

Upon successful re-activation, you may log in to myTax Portal to view your payment plan details (Select "Account" > "View Payment Plan").

Make changes to GIRO arrangement

Changing my GIRO arrangement to another bank account

If the bank account is not previously applied with IRAS, you will have to submit a new GIRO application (refer to Apply for GIRO arrangement). Your existing GIRO arrangement will be automatically cancelled and replaced by the approved new application. 

You will be notified via your preferred mode of notification on the revised payment plan. Alternatively, you may log in to myTaxPortal to view your payment plan details (Select “Account”> “View Payment Plan”).


Terminate / Cancel my GIRO arrangement

If you wish to cancel your current GIRO arrangement, please log in to myTax Portal (Select “Account” > “View/Cancel Payment Plan”). By cancelling the GIRO arrangement, you may still proceed to re-activate the GIRO arrangement for future tax payment.

If you wish to terminate your GIRO arrangement with IRAS, please do so via Internet Bank or contact your bank directly. Once GIRO arrangement has been terminated, you will have to apply for a new GIRO application. 

Do remember to settle any outstanding tax immediately after the cancellation/termination of GIRO arrangement to avoid late payment penalty. 

Please log in to myTax Portal (Select “Account” > “View Account Summary”) to view your latest tax balance and make payment via Pay Taxes (Select “Account” > “Pay Taxes”).


Change my Plan Type

If you wish to make the following change: 

  • Monthly instalment to one-time yearly deduction or
  • One-time yearly deduction to monthly instalment

You can log in to myTax Portal to cancel your GIRO plan (Select “Account” > “View/Cancel  Payment Plan”), re-activate your GIRO (Select “Account” > “Apply for Payment Plan”) and select your preferred plan type. Alternatively, you may make the request via LiveChat.


Request to Extend Payment Plan

If you need help with your tax payment, you may apply for a longer GIRO arrangement.