Stamp Duty 

How GIRO works

Date of Deduction*Subscribe to e-Stamping system to file your documents.

Deductions are made on the 3rd working day after documents are e-Stamped. 
If GIRO deduction is unsuccessfulYou may not be able to e-Stamp any documents until all outstanding payments of Stamp Duty for the documents are made. 

Apply for GIRO arrangement

Download Stamp Duty GIRO Application Form (PDF, 398KB)

GIRO arrangement will be set up within 3 weeks.

    Make changes to GIRO arrangement

    Changing my GIRO arrangement to another bank account

    If the bank account is not previously applied with IRAS, you will have to submit a new GIRO application (refer to Apply for GIRO arrangement). Your existing GIRO arrangement will be automatically cancelled and replaced by the approved new application. 

    Acknowledgement of GIRO application will be sent once application is processed.

    Terminate / Cancel my GIRO arrangement

    If you wish to terminate your GIRO arrangement with IRAS, please contact your bank directly. Once GIRO arrangement has been terminated, you will have to apply for a new GIRO application. 

    Do remember to settle any outstanding tax immediately after the cancellation/termination of GIRO arrangement to avoid late payment penalty. 

    Please log in to myTax Portal (Select "Account" > "View Account Summary") to view your latest tax balance and make payment via Pay Taxes (Select "Account" > "Pay Taxes").