PayNow QR

Step-by-Step Guide to make payment by PayNow QR Code

IRAS does not send PayNow QR codes to members of the public via physical and digital notices and letters, emails, SMSes and WhatsApp messages. Taxpayers can only generate PayNow QR codes for payment by logging into myTax Portal or upon selecting the "Make Tax Payment" option in the chatbot located on the IRAS website.

Step 1

Log in to myTax Portal via Singpass or Corppass.

Step 2

Click on "Account" and select "Pay Taxes".

Step 3

Select the tax type you wish to pay for and click on the "Pay" button.

Step 4

Click on the icon for "Scan PayNow QR Code".

If you are using your mobile phone, take a screenshot of the generated QR code.

Step 5

Using your mobile phone, log in to your preferred mobile banking app. 

Step 6

Scan or upload* the generated QR code using your mobile banking app.

*If you are using your mobile phone to take a screenshot at Step 4, upload the screenshot of the QR code from your mobile phone photo gallery.

Step 7

Approve the payment in your mobile phone. If your bank account is set up with dual control, please inform your authoriser(s) to approve the payment.

Ready to make tax payment with PayNow QR? Log in to myTax Portal to get started.