Clubs/societies need to seek approval from the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) if they want to get new gaming machines. They will need to notify GRA if there is a change in the gaming machines such as change of game theme, machine renumbering, machine relocation and replacement of gaming machine.

Requirements for Gaming Machine

New Machines

For new machines, clubs/societies must ensure that they have the required minimum standard for the hard and soft meter readings as specified in GRA's technical standards for gaming machines as follows:

Hard meter readingsSoft meter readings
Total WinsTotal Wins
Money InMoney In
Money OutMoney Out
 Games Played
 Hand Pays/Cancelled Credits/Attendant Pays
 Coins In
 Coins Out
 Coin Drop
 Banknotes In
 Total Cashless In
 Total Cashless Out
 Machine Paid Progressive
Attendant Paid Progressive
Soft Meters Reset / Machine Movement
When soft meters need to be reset, replaced or when there is a machine movement, you have to generate the soft meter printout before and after the reset, replacement or machine movement and maintain the printouts for five years.
Machine movement includes the addition, retirement and replacement of gaming machines.
Hard Meter Reset/Replacement
For each hard meter replacement or when there is a machine movement, you have to state the reason and details of hard meter reading records for Turnover ,Total Wins, Money In and Money out before and after change in the certified technician service report. This report has to be submitted together with the Audit Checklist for Form PL-R1.
Hard meter seal register
Each gaming machine is equipped with a hard meter casing that is secured by a serially-numbered, 1-time use seal. Clubs should ensure that the hard meter seals are accounted for and properly tracked in the hard meter seal register and is kept up-to-date.