Form T must be submitted to the Comptroller of Income Tax by 15 Apr by the legal personal representative (administrator/executor) of an estate of a deceased or the trustee of an estate held in trust, private trust or settlement.

Income declaration in Form T

You must declare income earned in the preceding calendar year arising from:

  1. Assets left behind by a deceased person, beginning 1 day after the date of death; or
  2. Assets held under a private trust/settlement.

Obtain Form T (for new estate or trust)

For a new estate or trust, the legal personal representative (LPR) or trustee has to provide information on the estate or trust via FormSG to obtain a Tax Reference Number (Tax Ref No.)

You cannot file a Form T return without an assigned Tax Ref No..

Submit Form T

If you have been issued with a Tax Ref No., you should receive a physical notification letter to inform you of the need to file Form T by 15 Mar. If you do not receive the notification letter, you are still required to file the tax return.

You may file the tax returns online via (requires Singpass authentication), or download the softcopy excel version of the form here and follow the instructions within the excel version to submit the completed Form T. Please complete and submit the Form T by 15 Apr.


When will I stop receiving Form T from IRAS?

IRAS will stop sending Forms T to the executor/administrator/trustee when all income producing  assets of the estate are no longer registered in the name of the deceased or held in trust for the beneficiaries.

I am one of the beneficiaries and I have already declared the estate's income in my personal tax return. Why do you still send Form T to me?

If you have received Form T in your capacity as a trustee, you must  declare the whole amount of the estate's taxable income from all sources under the Form T.

For your personal share of the estate's income, you must declare it in your Form B/B1 under 'Other Income'.

The estate/trust has been fully distributed. Why do I still need to file Form T this year?

A Form T has to be filed for income derived by the LPR/trustee up to the date the income source ceased.