IRAS provides convenient and efficient ways  for commission-paying organisations to submit commission records to IRAS both electronically and digitally.

Prepare and submit commission records

Organisations may use the following modes to submit the commission records to IRAS.

Submit with customised software

Submission modeDescription
Software/ guides
'Submission of Commission Records (Corppass)' with Application Programming Interface (API) service

This API service provides commission-paying organisations with a convenient and efficient way of submitting records to IRAS directly through their software.

It is suitable for organisations who:

  • Use software to manage their commission income information, and
  • Wish to submit their records to IRAS directly from their software.


API Specification (PDF, 284KB)

Submission of Commission Records (Corppass) Sandbox Testing Guide (PDF, 225KB)

Submit without customised software

Submission modeDescriptionSoftware/ guides

Submit Commission Records digital service at myTax Portal (online application)

The online application is a digital service allowing organisations to submit their commission earners' information via myTax Portal.

It is suitable for organisations who:

  • Do not use software to manage their commission income information; and
  • Has less than 500 commission earners' records for each submission. 


Log in to myTax Portal, under the 'More' tab, select 'Submit Commission Records'.


Submit Commission Records at myTax Portal (Online Application) (PDF, 1.61MB)

File Format - Import Excel (PDF, 198KB)